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Petries and Agioi Apostoloi can be reached by car and also by ferry boat with the line Oropos – Eretria or the line Agia Marina (Marathon)-Stira or Agia Marina (Marathon)-Almiropotamos.

Below you see in details the possible itineraries.

By car

After Halkida and always driving towards the Southern Evia you will encounter Eretria, Amaryntho and Aliveri.

Pass by Aliveri, with direction to Stira you will meet Velos village and then Lepoura village.

At Lepoura you must turn right and take the direction towards Karistos.

In the next village, Krieza, you should turn left towards Petries, Agioi Apostoloi.

Start crossing the mountain and in a short while you should see Gamila island leading as a jewel in the blue waters.

Ferry boat


From Athens Oropos take the Ferry Boat Line Oropos-Eretria.

From Eretria continue by car following the above route approximately 46 km, to Petries-Agioi Apostoloi.

Agia Marina-Stira or Agia Marina – Almiropotamos

To reach Agia Marina (Marathon) we will use the line Agia Marina -Stira or the line Agia Marina- Almiropotamos.

On disembarking turn left and begin to ascend the mountain heading towards the highway.

Once on the highway turn left on the direction of the village Krieza.

When you reach the village turn right towards Petries –Agioi Apostoloi.

Tip for selecting the best way to travel: the majority of the visitors use the line Agia Marina-Stira or Oropos-Eretria. The route Eretria-Petries- Agioi Apostoloi is approximately 46 km, almost one hour driving. The route Stira- Petries-Agioi Apostoloi is approximately 40 minutes on fine road but has limited number of routes.

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