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A little information regarding the region is necessary if you want to enjoy a hiking tour, so during the walk you can be free to enjoy the scenery.

Petries village square is the starting point, where you have to buy and take with you some water. Begin to walk in the northeast direction and in about 200m you should be able to see the first water mill.

Keep walking following the path beside the river and you will meet another two water mills, which you must get by.

At the 20th minute of the itinerary you should see the big waterfall at Diros location. Those who don’t have the appropriate experience shouldn’t try the descent from the left side because is a little steep. Prefer the right side that is more accessible.Pass by the building of the aqueduct and continue to walk along the dirt track. Leave behind you Fleves location, which is situated after the last water mill at Koroni location and then turn left to start walking on the road.

Follow the direction for Stomio and when you arrive you will be able to swim at the fabulous beach of the place.

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