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The best 7 options around Petries Agioi Apostoloi village

Considering Petries village the starting point, you can organize excursions to the nearby sights of southern Evia, where the landscape resembles the one of the Aegean islands.

  • The wetland of Distos, a real paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers, is located just 8 km away from Petries. This freshwater lake is covered by reeds thicket and during spring season countless species of birds, which nest in the riparian vegetation, can be observed.
  • Dimosari’s canyon is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Evia. The name of the area comes from a Byzantine name and this is an area, obviously, in perfect harmony with the wildlife. Start from the top of Pouda mountain, follow a quaint itinerary throughout cobbled paths for about 10km, through cobbled paths, crossing the small village of Lenasaioi, you end up at Kallianou beach.
  • The Dragonhouses in South Evia. A group of twenty-three monumental stone structures, mostly square or rectangular. Best preserved is the Dragonhouse on the top of Mount Ochi and the complex Palli.
  • The mountainous village of Seta. This is the most mountainous and very scenic village in the prefecture, located at an altitude of 740 meters on the slopes of Mount Dirfi. There you can also visit Elatospilia location.
  • The Castello Rosso (red castle) at the town of Karystos, the most important medieval monument of Evia and one of the most important in Greece.
  • Kimi town, where you can see the characteristic architecture of the location and the Folk Museum.

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